Age Of Kungfu (PH) – Mo Tze Pack OffGamers June Promotion (For Cubizone Philippines Accounts Only)

Event Date: Promotion Ended on 10 June 2015 12:00PM (+7GMT)

Mo Tze Sword is stable with powerful critical hitting ability. It has powerful block durability, recovering ability and quick rage gathering ability. It uses defense to support attack and uses attack to support defense. It’s invincible!

Offgamers Special Deals

Pack Price : 1990 cubits
Mo Tze Pack contains:
1. Mo Tze skill book (full set, till Lv3)
2. 200 Gold

Boast the fluidity, elegance and beauty of ink itself. Cut through your opponent’s defences with black splashes of External Skill damage, using the legendary Taiji skills. Check out the Mo Tze skill details below.

Scholar Upholding Principle
Ink Sword Like Steel, with arms swinging everywhere, and the Block defense is impregnable, with no way to hold it back.

Skill Effect: Ink Sword Like Steel, Whirling Horizontal Chop, Sword Chi will cause damage to your target; You will receive 1 extra Rage point during the attack (enemy does not parry).

Sword Chi Jianghu
Allow the sword to flow and contract, do not give play to anger, make plans before acting, and you will succeed at sword fighting.

Skill Effect: Cut Sword and Pull Back, Enraged to Inactivity, transformation of Rage lets you recover 2000 Parry Endurance points, and the negative state preventing parry is removed;
You will simultaneously obtain a “Sword Chi Jianghu”state: When using Mozi’s Sword Technique Skill to attack your opponent, each blow will add damage equivalent to 3% of the current Parry (to a maximum of 80 additional points), and will restore 2 Rage points; this state will continue 12 seconds.
(When your Parry Endurance is less than 30%, Using a Skill will put you in a Yellow Armor state).
(The amount of Parry Endurance you can restore will depend on your Skill practice.)

Heavenly Sword Qiankun
Present the sword and hide the body, move nature with your chi, avoid the three traps, and then attack.

Skill Effect: Parry Sword Hide Body, Chi Flows Through Qiankun, when your parry is successful: Gives you”Sword Decides Destiny” state, each level can reduce “Sword Chi Jianghu” recovery time by 1 second, and increase transformation value by 4% (Transforms Rage into Parry Endurance); this state can stack 5 levels.

Blood Ink Galloping
The force goes to the point of the sword, there is extension and protection, and the inky blood intermingles, with a flying stab of the sword.

Skill Effect: Ink and Blood Reflect on Each Other, Leaping Dagger and Sword causes damage to your target. Aids both attack and defense:When your Parry Endurance exceeds 75%, your attack will ignore 5% of your target’s External Attack Damage Reduction. (You can use Flying Skill with this Skill to quickly approach your adversary.)

Universal Love Non-Attack
Place importance on universal compassion, do not attack when unnecessary, hang up the sword to sacrifice, and the secret art will be revealed.

Skill Effect: Suspended Sword Sojourn, Stray Blow Secret Method, give you”Universal Love”status: When using Mozi’s Sword Technique to attack an enemy, you put your enemy in a “Non-Attack” state.
Target in a “Non-Attack” state: There is a 20% chance of being interrupted when using this Skill, and your skill will be sealed for 3 seconds. The state can stack 2 levels, and will continue 15 seconds. (Each time your target uses a Skill, this will remove one level of the “Non-Attack” state.)

Two Inks Joined
The crash of flying swords, the deep stabs with every step; it is ceaseless and perfectly free from worry.

Skill Effect: Smash Sword and Fly, Falling Step Penetrating Stab does damage to your target. Aids both attack and defense:When your Parry Endurance exceeds 75%, your attack will ignore 5% of your target’s External Attack Damage Reduction (you can use Flying Skill with this Skill to quickly approach your adversary).

Get Way Under Heaven
The ways of the world follow from an original premise: wielding the sword with rightousness is causes the enemy to fall.

Skill Effect: Dispel the Proper and Spring a Surprise, Lift Sword Revolve Outside, deals to enemy in front. When overcoming your target’s parry: Recover 320 Parry Endurance points, reduce your target’s Internal and External Attack Damage by 32 points.

Ink Spots on the Country
The swordplay of Mozi, with freedom of attack, slashing like the wind, to become the victor of the Jianghu world.

Skill Effect: Ride the Wind and wield the sword, dealing damage to target;
Attack and Defense: If Parry Endurance is over 75%, your attack ignores 5% of target’s external damage reduction.
Attack for attack: If Parry Endurance is below 305, recover 20 Rage after the skill is launched completely.
(If Parry Endurance is above 75%, you will not be blown away, knocked down or back when using this skill)

For more information, please visit: Age Of Kungfu Official Site.

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