Anime Saiyan – Open Beta Testing Has Launched

PlayWebGame, the online entertainment portal is proudly to announce Anime Saiyan Open Beta Testing (OBT) Official Launch on 19th March 2015.

Anime Saiyan is a Free-To-Play Anime-Based Online Game, with a purpose to give you the best gaming experience by the amazing artworks, flawless visual effects and animations and the authentic storylines.
In this game, you are chosen to be the one who got the chance to change the future by going back to the past, by using the time capsule, you are sent back to 20 years in the past. Knowing what would happen in the future, your mission is to prevent your enemies from destorying the world. So this is your chance, go now and save the future!

To celebrate the start of Anime Saiyan Open Beta Testing, the publisher has prepared a series of exciting events for all players. Join us at the battlefield and participate in our OBT events!

Event 1: 7 Days Login Rewards

Gain many rewards by claiming it daily, more day you login more items you can get for free!!

Event 2: Universe Boss

Join and fight Universe Boss and gain many rewards, no matter you lose or win. You will still getting rewards!!

Event 3: Sennin’s Visit

Get free AP from Sennin Korin, he will give you free AP at specific time he visits.

For more information, please visit: Anime Saiyan (Global) Official Site.

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