Blade & Soul To Add More Servers Due To Massive Response

NCSoft has just recently launched the western release of Blade & Soul but already they are reaching server capacity due to the massive amount of players jumping in on the game. While NCSoft has done all they can to reduce server congestion by adding limitations, such as locking character creation on certain servers, it seems that the 10 North American Servers and 12 European Servers are still not enough.

Blade & Soul Summoner

The news of NCSoft adding more servers for Blade & Soul comes from their official twitter account. A link in the tweet leads to Blade & Soul‘s official forum that gave more details on the server additions. The forum post stated that NCSoft has been “working to open new servers as quickly as possible, and the servers are expected to be available in the next 48 hours.”

Currently, NCSoft plans to have several new servers available, in addition to the current 10 for North America and 12 for European servers. Hopefully, these new servers can cater to the massive overpopulation of gamers wanting to join in on Blade & Soul.

Gamers and critics alike are enjoying their time in Blade & Soul due to its deep combat system, engaging story content, and impressive visuals inspired by anime art style. While no official numbers have been released by NCSoft, it’s safe to say that the game is experiencing an overwhelming positive launch due to a massive overpopulation of servers.

While the game is free-to-play, NCSoft offers in-game items and bundles for gamers that wish to invest more of their time in Blade & Soul. There’s also a Premium Membership subscription that gives players a list of benefits that include increased gold drop, increased experience received, increased market slots, in-game features at reduced fees, and more. It’s important to note that none of the in-game purchases are designed to be pay-to-win, so those that can’t afford to pay can still play without fear of being overpowered by paying players.

Blade & Soul is available now and is free-to-play, Head over here to download the game. Need a little help to prep your character? Check out these bundles to get started on your adventure. Pick up some NCoins at OffGamers while you’re here and receive your codes instantaneously to begin your journey in Blade & Soul!



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