C9 Online (Global) – Enjoy the Archery Event!

Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on July 10, 2018 ~ before the scheduled maintenance on July 24, 2018 (UTC)

Greetings C9 Actionists,

The Archery Event Dungeon has returned for the week! Simply talk to the Event Manager and enjoy the event dungeon till Monday! Looking forward to seeing you in the world of Glenheim!


Top up C9 Online now and win the rewards!

Karma Koin
Karma Koin
OpenBucks Card
Rixty Code
Webzen Wcoin


How to participate:

1. Visit the Event Manager Raleigh everyday.
** You can take the quest again after 07:00 AM UTC

2. Talk to the Event Manager Raleigh to get an event quest.
** You need to be Level 50 or highter go get the quest.

3. Clear the quest and get the invitation ticket.

4. Bring the ticket to Armoni in Waterford and enter the stage!
** You can enter the stage alone or with one player.


The Archery

1. Use the statue to shoot enemies.
2. Shoot as many monsters as you can in the time limit.
3. You will get various rewards depending on the result.

· 100-199: Wooden box
· 200-349: Silver box
· 350-474: Golden box
· 475+: Golden box and even more!


Rewards can be:

· Quartz and Stamina Booster [30 points] for 100% chance and
· More Precious Antique
· Stamina Booster [50 points] · Extreme Training
· Wing: Akene’s Messenger S1
· Unique weapon
· Magic Primer
· Cosmos Stone
· Inventory Expansion Scroll
· Lucky Stone R1
· 5th Continent Unique item


For more information, please visit:
C9 Enjoy the Archery Event.

Related Link:
C9 Online(Global)

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