Clash of Monsters Starts Open Beta Test

In recent days, the official published a notification, the SLG masterpiece —— Clash of Monsters finished Closed Beta Testing! And the Open Beta Testing will start officially on May 16th. Rewards of recharging event in CBT will be returned to players during Open Beta Testing, and players will still receive extra rewards that time.

Download Game: HERE.

The Closed Beta Testing, which started from a few days before, opened just a part of the whole game for players to experience. The same time, lots of events started for players to make them feel extreme pleasure in game. This Open Beta Testing will truly release all contents; besides the initial Big Three Heroes, players are likely to activate the concealed hero. No matter the power or the rarity will both reach an unprecedented degree. If you desire to be the overlord among all servers, then act now, unlock the mysterious hero and minions.

Through data analysis and sustained optimization during Closed Beta Testing, the official declares: “All indicators and stability degrees are green. Player suggestions will be adopted and applied to improvement after prudent evaluation.”

All heroes and minions are unbanned. Complete pleasure is right in OBT!

Formations contain a hidden wisdom! Try anything you wish!

Players can earn rewards in exploration and battles. Initially, grabbing resources and materials is the primary mission for beginning players. However, as you progress in game, you will find the most exhilarated thing is exploring the mystic Blue Haze and hunting for inexhaustible treasures. You can use purchased gems to boost your generating, and covert gems to coins in camp shop.

Clash of Monsters introduces the multi-player online PVP system, which enables players to fight with other ones from different countries. Rewards are set for a victory, including plentiful coins and morale. Morale is the benchmark of your rank in Blue Haze. The higher rank you achieve, the more donations you will receive from Sir Pumpkin.

As an ultra-popular war-chess game, deployment is exactly the essence of interest in this game. There are three different types for both attack and defense, adding on hero skills, the diversified gameplay enhances the enjoyment of playing. Importantly, it still requires you to think over and over for how to map out a strategy.

In terms of details of gameplay, the official still provide a tutorial video for players’ information: Click to watch.
One-minute version official trailer: Click to watch.

Players who have recharged during Closed Beta Testing will receive rewards in Open Beta Testing. Besides, the official publishes 5 events and correspondent rewards! Please watch for them!

Endless surprises, Endless rewards


Heroes’ face swap, Feel a different mix & match style!

Upload your selfies then you can mix and match with heroes from game. Inviting your friends to join in will increase your popularity, come and create your unique superhero. You can even earn a mysterious weekly reward if you are one of Top 5 on rank list.

For more details please Click here.


Gather likes and show your love. Every comment is our motivation.

Players, who leave comments and five-star ratings in Google Play or App Store, capture a screenshot of the comment and post it on Facebook, then shall receive a gift code for redeeming. PS: Every account can collect the same reward only once.

For more details please Click here.


Dominating! Super prize is ready for you!

During Open Beta Testing, players can join in PVP battles and win Honor. The top 5 players on rank list will win a super prize. Show us how mighty you are!

For more details please Click here.


Log on in CBT, receive deluxe bundles in OBT

Every player who has logged on C.O.M during closed beta will receive a luxury pack after open beta starting! The bundles contain legendary equipment, materials, coins, tokens, and etc.

For more details please Click here.


I’m here with COM, how about you?

During event, you can upload photos about holding your cellphone and displaying COM, comment as the required format on our ClashofMonsters official Facebook fan page, and then you can receive a gift pack after data comparison. Moreover, players who get top 20 most likes will even win an extra reward!

For more details please Click here.




For more information, please visit:
Clash of Monsters Twitter.
Clash of Monsters Facebook Fanpage.
Clash of Monsters Official Site.

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