Day One Patch For The Division Listed Out

Tom Clancy’s: The Division is set to drop on March 8th and Ubisoft has listed out day 1 patches that will go live when you login into the game.

The Division Patch Notes

Day 1 patches are a common occurrence with today’s games and are often last minute changes or fixes that the developer wants to add in. For Ubisoft, the day 1 patch not only aims to fix some glitches, it was also a response to the feedback they received from the betas that they held.

Below is the comprehensive list of updates that will be making its way when you start up The Division:

Appearance Menu Updates:

- Now displays as a grid making it much easier to browse items
– “Outfit Sets” option added to quickly equip all the items in a set
– “Inspect” feature added

Visual Improvements:

- Fixed several lights that did not cast global illumination
– Fixed missing volumetric lights on traffic lights
– Illuminated signs now cast actual light
– Improved atmospheric haze in several time and weather combinations
– Improved night time lighting and contrast
– Adjusted exaggerated rim light shader on characters
– Improved car windows reflections
– Improved Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) to be more pronounced

Mega Map and Open World Updates:

- New “Mission Overview” has been added to the Mega Map
– Contaminated zones will now display the required filter level on the Mega Map
– Field data with audio will automatically play when you pick them up
– If you start listening to field data with audio from the menu, you can keep listening outside the menu
– Subtitles added for all Field Data that play audio
– Mission entrance menu usability has been improved
– Significantly increased the number of crafting materials obtained from loot crates
– The icon for landmarks in the Dark Zone has been changed and now indicates if non-player enemies are present or not

Gameplay Improvements:

- New “Help” menu is available in the Settings menu. It stores all the loading screen and context sensitive tips
– New tutorials added for certain gameplay features and mechanics (these can be switched off in the Options menu)
– Added information to the in-game loot pickup UI that displays why an item can’t be picked up
– The deployable turret no longer targets non-rogue players and doesn’t damage neutral players caught in the line of fire
– Skill modifiers have been added directly to gear (previously only available to gear mods)

Fixes and General Improvements:

- Fixed glitches that could be exploited by players to gain an unfair advantage in the game (such as invisibility, shooting through walls, etc)
– Extended server-side checks to detect any illegal actions from the game client, limit their impact in the game and track down the perpetrators
– Fixed an issue on character select screen that resulted in getting stuck with a specific combination of inputs
– Players will no longer return all the way back to start screen after creating or logging into their Ubisoft Club Account
– Fixed remaining bugs that prevented login attempts when non-essential services were offline
– Overall stability increased
– Further backend improvements and optimizations
– Localization adjustments and bug fixes
– Additional minor bug fixes and polish

Tom Clancy’s: The Division is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Tom Clancy’s: The Division Patch Notes

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