Game Power 7 Launches AraFiesta Official Release

Game Power 7, the leading publisher and developer of online and mobile games in the MENA region- has released the official stage of its latest anime MMO game Arafiesta.
The game is suitable for Arab youth from all over the world. This stage hailed the great success that occurred during the closed and open beta stages of the game.

Arafiesta is an anime MMO game that offers a massive and colorful world full of adventures and entertainment in a unique free-to-play team-based experience. The game contains multiple classes and various characters each presenting the player with new challenges, creating a very interesting and action-packed play style.

Different experience – the challenge is on!

Arafiesta consists of five different classes each has its own unique skills and play style, with an innovative weapon enhancing system, which helps the player start the adventure with excitement.

The game sheds the light on one of the most important aspects of life, Friendship. Through the loyalty system, players are connected and empowered by the strength of their friendship. The estate is an unmatched feature that allows players to build their own resorts and invite other friends to share good times.

For more information, please visit:
AraFiesta Register.
AraFiesta Facebook Funpage.
AraFiesta Official Site.

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