Genji from Overwatch Joins The Nexus In Heroes of the Storm

Cyborg ninja Genji will be the newest Overwatch member to join the Nexus in Heroes of the Storm.

Once the carefree youngest scion of the Shimada clan, Genji was cut down by his own brother [Hanzo] for refusing to take part in their illegal ventures. Grafted into a cyborg body by Overwatch, Genji walks his own path as one who fights for what’s right.

Genji is playable in beta at the moment and the Assassin class cyborg is equipped with his skill sets from Overwatch. Genji’s basic abilities consist of Shuriken, Deflect and Swift Strike. His heroic ability “Dragonblade” will be available to use along with the new “X-Strike” ability.

genji on hanamura map


Throw 3 Shuriken in a spread pattern, each dealing 65 damage to the first enemy hit. Stores up to 3 charges. Shuriken’s cooldown replenishes all charges at the same time.

Become Protected for 1.25 seconds. Any damage blocked during this period causes Genji to throw a Kunai toward the nearest enemy, prioritizing Heroes and dealing 55 damage.

Swift Strike
Dash forward, dealing 215 damage to all enemies in a line. Enemy Heroes that die within 2 seconds of being hit with Swift Strike cause the cooldown and mana cost to be refunded.

Unleash the Dragonblade for 8 seconds. While active, Dragonblade can be reactivated to lunge forward and slash in a huge arc, dealing 240 damage. If enemy Heroes are killed within 2 seconds of being hit by Dragonblade, Swift Strike’s cooldown is reset.

Perform two slashes dealing 135 damage. The slashes detonate after 1.25 seconds causing an additional 270 damage to enemies in their area.

New Battleground: Hanamura

Protected Cores
– Both Cores are protected by a barrier that cannot be attacked by Heroes.
– Payloads must be escorted across the Battleground in order to deal damage to the enemy Core.

Escort Payloads
– The first set of Payloads spawn for each team after 2:30 into the match, and additional waves will periodically spawn throughout the rest of the game.
– Stand near an allied payload to escort it. The more allies who are present to escort a payload, the faster it will move. This effect caps at 3 nearby allies.
– Payloads that haven’t been escorted for a period of time will begin to slowly move backward.

Empowered Payloads
– Destroying enemy Forts will cause the next allied Payload to deal additional damage when it arrives at its destination.
– Destroying enemy Keeps will cause Sappers to spawn with allied Minion waves, which will fire on the Core upon reaching the end of their lanes.
– Deal a total of 7 damage the opposing Core to claim victory.

The new Hanamura map will be released along with the popular Overwatch character on April 25th.

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