Genki Heroes Lucky Draw – Merdeka Sales!

Promotion period: 29th Aug 2016 – 31st Aug 2016

Genki Heroes Merdeka Sales Promotion is here!​

Genki Heroes is the latest Slingshot Action Game with well-known Heroes and exciting PVP system!

Purchase RM100 @Cash now in OffGamers to get RM10 @Cash for FREE!
And also stand a chance to draw a bundle of lucky prizes in Genki Heroes! After players reload using Off​G​amers RM100 @cash epins, winners will be selected by Genki Heroes team.

Valid until 31st August 2016. Act now before is too late!


For more information, please visit:
Genki Heroes Official Site.

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Genki Heroes (元気の英雄)

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