Ghost Recon: Wildlands Patch Introduces Tier 1 Mode

Ghost Recon Wildlands has received a significant patch update for its open-world shooter and Ubisoft has fixed a few bugs, added extra improvements and also a brand new way to access the Tier 1 Mode game.

Tier 1 Mode presents a new difficulty mode, and changes the way you progress in terms levels. You will begin at level 50 and work your way down to level 1 by accumulating Tier Points, instead of experience points, that may seemingly unlock rewards. You just need to switch it on from the menu after reaching level 30 in the base game.

Season two of the Live Season Challenges are available in this ‘Title Update 5′, with new challenges, extra gameplay parameters such as difficulty or HUD settings and rewards.

The patch size is about 7.4GB on PC and 8.8 GB on the consoles.

Patch Notes:


– The reason for detection is now displayed above the mini-map.


– Fixed a bug where the player could not use the drone or the binoculars after using the medic drone to heal.

– Fixed a bug where vehicles would take low damage when shot from a long distance.

– Corrected a bug where the Stoner LMG folded buttstock would be described with an incorrect location in the loadout.

– Corrected a bug where Whisper pistol had no silencer and would alarm NPCs if players used it.


– An unusual noise was heard near a ruined hut…

– Fixed a bug where the M9 handgun would sound the same with or without a suppressor.


– Fixed a bug where the follower icon could be missing when in the tacmap.


– Fixed a bug where the player would be detected by NPCs when shooting at long distance with a crossbow.


– Fixed a bug where excessive lighting would occur in certain weather types in the Fallen Ghosts expansion when the Enhanced Godrays option was enabled.

– Fixed a bug where selecting the Left Handed Mouse option would display the right click for fast travel on the tacmap instead of the left click.

– Fixed a bug where an Xbox One controller would lose input if the controller was disconnected while the game was unfocused.,

– Fixed a bug where the mouse click was not displayed for the Skills shortcut in the Command Wheel.

– Fixed a bug where a pop-up related to Easy Anti Cheat would be displayed at every game start if the User Account Control feature was enabled in Windows.*

– Fixed a bug where rapidly closing NVIDIA Ansel after it was open caused the game to run at 1 frame per second.

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