Hearthstone: The League of Explorers


The first wing of The League of Explorers, The Temple of Orsis, is now live in all regions!


Get ready for an adventure as you’ll be having your first expedition of The League of Explorers in the mysterious Temple of Orsis! Good news is that you’ll not be alone, as you’ll be joined by the world famous explorer, Reno Jackson.

Reno is quite the dashing adventurer, as he’s sure to inform you, but sometimes he gets a little confused about the difference between treasure hunter and archeologist. While his fingers can be a little sticky, Reno’s heart is in the right place. He’s out to prove that he deserves his place in the League of Explorers, with a little help from you.

It’ll take all of your combined cunning, wit, and above all else, restraint, to overcome the Temple’s trials and acquire the first piece of the staff for the League of Explorers!

There will be 3 bosses, namely: ZInaar, Sun Raider Phaerix and Temple Escape. Defeat all bosses to receive these special cards below:
Hearthstone    Hearthstone

Can you and Reno survive the Temple of Orsis?

New Cards
Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone Hearthstone 11707470_1004507422925359_5149158981958963909_n 11707470_1004507409592027_9132431032797756124_n 12195835_1004507039592064_2253624249947139646_n 12195835_1004507036258731_3398974831438377078_n 11707470_1004507419592026_8838230099586812640_n 12208334_1004507656258669_608046203684336633_n 12208334_1004507652925336_1328211597419388177_n 12208334_1004507649592003_4256017949064895498_n 12208334_1004507646258670_3537432124813971388_n 11707470_1004507412925360_5814859937790715816_n 11707470_1004507416258693_7816751939941380689_n 12208334_1004507659592002_7594831742989395914_n 12195835_1004507032925398_679909293394602329_n 12195835_1004507029592065_7113388064952926116_n 12195835_1004507026258732_7426827245791273712_n 12227761_1004506642925437_501872401341287160_n 12227761_1004506639592104_6853897943762648350_n 12227761_1004506636258771_913256791053132128_n 12227761_1004506632925438_5008675384955981811_n 12227761_1004506629592105_6820133874536344153_n 12112045_1004506382925463_5682507795895067858_n

The new cards look really good, but you gotta admit, the murloc puns are getting on my nerves… I mean, have you seen them? “Everfin is Awesome”, “Anyfin Can Happen” oh my goodness…

Check out the epic bosses and their rewards (boss drops woohoo!) here.

For more information.

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