How Gamers Could Spend Their Hard-Earned Cryptocurrency From Mining

If you’re curious about making money as a gamer from cryptocurrency, I suggest you read our previous article on the topic. I cover the topic in-depth, so you’ll be able to start making some cash mining.

But what happens when you actually have cryptocurrency?

You can choose to hold on to the currency and be a long-term investor. People made millions, sometimes billions, from buying or mining bitcoin when it first came out. Now, they’re laughing all the way to the bank. But today, I am going to tell you how to use cryptocurrency.

There’s a lot that you can do with cryptocurrency that will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I will not be covering how to sell cryptocurrency.

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Note on Cryptocurrency Spending

Before I dig into how to pay with cryptocurrency, I want to mention that not all cryptocurrencies are accepted everywhere. If you want to go to major retailers and make a purchase, there’s a much higher chance that they’ll accept bitcoin than any other currency.

Newer cryptocurrencies are harder to buy items with, so you may need to sell them on an exchange and either get cash or bitcoin to buy items.

But a lot of options are opening up for seasoned cryptocurrencies.

Vendors want to know that their consumers are making smart purchases. And since vendors often don’t provide a return for crypto, they’ll often only offer store credit. Retailers don’t want to be taken advantage of, so there’s a good chance that they won’t be providing direct refunds in the future.

I just needed you to be aware of these complications.

Now let’s see what you can buy with cryptocurrency – it’s an exciting time for miners.


Spend Your Cryptocurrency on Gaming

Being a hardcore gamer means that you need to spend a lot of money on reloads, virtual gold, prepaid cards and other digital goods. There’s a lot that you can spend money on as a gamer. If you have cryptocurrency stashed away, here are a few things that you can buy in the digital world:

Gift Cards. When you want to buy from a platform that doesn’t accept bitcoin, you can choose to buy gift cards instead. You can purchase Google Play, iTunes and other gift cards with cryptocurrency.
Karma Koin. When you buy Karma Koins, you’re essentially buying a virtual currency. This allows you to spend money in your favorite online games. You’ll find these coins at a lot of major retailers.
Subscriptions. You can buy Apple Music subscription cards with your hard-earned money. Other subscription services may also accept cryptocurrency.
NCoins. NCSoft uses NCoins to make purchases in games, and you can choose to use this currency in many of the company’s AAA games.
Steam Wallet Codes. If you’re a gamer, you know what Steam is, so there’s no introduction needed. You can buy wallet codes from Steam with bitcoin.
Game Codes. Blizzard, for example, has discount codes that people sell.
Game Time. Want to play a game that needs game time? You can often purchase game time cards that add time to your game.
Games. Want to buy World of Warcraft? You can do that with digital currency. You can also buy game time and subscriptions.

There’s a lot that you can buy when you can use cryptocurrency as payment. The gaming world has been very open to cryptocurrency, and it allows you to use some of your hard-earned cash on gaming.

But can you buy other items with crypto?




There’s a really neat site called OffGamers that offers a variety of digital products you can buy with bitcoins.

When I went to the product’s page and clicked buy, it prompts me to login to buy the product.

I will give you an example.

– Sign up for an account.
– Purchase an iTunes gift card
– Pay with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash
– Scan QR code or transfer bitcoin to the wallet address
– Use the gift card on Apple store

It’s as simple as that.


Since we’re talking about Gyft, I wanted to mention this as another source to spend your bitcoin. When you to go the site, you’ll see they have gift cards for all of your major retailers, including:

– Whole Foods
– Amazon
– Nike
– Lowe’s
– Macy’s
– Dunkin Donuts
– eBay

And tons more. You’ll be able to buy these gift cards with cryptocurrency and then spend them on the actual retailer’s site. You’ll also find gift cards for airlines and Uber – that’s awesome.


Major Retailers Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are a smart choice of implementation with retailers. Of course, you’ll find a varying degree of acceptance for different cryptocurrencies. You can spend some of your virtual currency with the following retailers: Yup, Overstock has been accepting bitcoin since 2014. You’ll also be able to use Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Dahs on the company’s site. It’s a great way to buy from Overstock without having to use your debit or credit card.

Newegg. The mecca for every gadget and computer item on the market. Newegg is a great choice to buy items, and it accepts bitcoin. You need to make sure that the seller accepts bitcoins. Some sellers are not from Newegg, so they may or may not accept bitcoin. There are also a few limitations in place.

Shopify. Stores running on Shopfiy have the option to accept Bitcoin, and this has been in place since 2013. You’ll want to see if your favorite store has chosen to allow bitcoin as an option.

PizzaForCoins. If you’re in the mood for some pizza and live in the United States or Australia, PizzaForCoins is the place-to-go. You’ll be able to use 50 different cryptocurrencies on the site, and this allows you to order from nearby pizza stores. You’ll be able to buy Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Dominos with PizzaForCoins.

Microsoft. Microsoft allows users to deposit bitcoins into their Microsoft accounts. This means that you’ll be able to buy items from the Microsoft store. You’ll be able to buy apps, movies, games and anything else on the Microsoft store.

These are just a few of the major retailers that allow you to pay with cryptocurrency. Who knew that you would learn how to use cryptocurrency to pay for pizza?

I had no idea.

But this list isn’t extensive. You can also purchase from the following retailers with cryptocurrency:


DISH also allows payment via bitcoin. DISH network is one of the largest television and internet service providers in the United States. The company has been accepting cryptocurrency payments since 2014, and one-time payments can be made using virtual currency.
I thought this one deserved its own section because you can literally pay for your cable and internet with your mining.


Travel with Cryptocurrencies

I love that you can pay for your travel with cryptocurrency. This is a really awesome way to travel the world, and it can all be paid for by your mining operation. Yes, there are limited options to choose from, but the travel industry has surprisingly embraced cryptocurrencies much more than the competition.

You’ll find that you can do everything by paying with cryptocurrency, including:

– Book hotels
– Book tours
– Buy plane tickets

So, where can you use cryptocurrency to travel?

Expedia. Yes, Expedia allows cryptocurrency payments. The travel booking company will allow you to pay for your hotel in bitcoin. The company may expand their options to other activities in the future.

CheapAir. Want to buy plane tickets with cryptocurrency? CheapAir allows cryptocurrency payments and has been accepting these types of currency since 2013. You’ll be able to buy international and domestic tickets using the company’s platform.

Young Pioneer Tours. Group tours are available through Young Pioneer Tours. If you plan on visiting North Korea, you can join a tour with this company. They’re also expanding to other destinations, too.

TravelforCoins. TravelforCoins is your go-to, middleman destination when trying to travel using bitcoin. What this site does is allow you to pay other sites, such as Expedia, with cryptocurrency. You can book plane tickets on most airlines along with hotel rooms. The idea is simple: deposit the currency and a competitive exchange rate is offered.

Virgin Galactic, part of the Virgin family of companies, also announced a while back that the company would accept bitcoin payments for people that want to go into space.

You can get creative and travel the world while paying with cryptocurrency along the way.


Marketplaces That Accept Cryptocurrency

There are a lot of marketplaces that accept cryptocurrency, and you’ll find marketplaces dedicated to the acceptance of cryptocurrency. What most people don’t know is that these outlets often have better prices than Amazon, and that means you’ll save money on your purchases.

A few marketplaces that are worth looking at and possibly buying from are:

G2G. A one-stop reliable and secure marketplace to buy or trade virtual goods. G2G platform accepts bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

OpenBazaar. An open source project, OpenBazaar is a decentralized marketplace and also open source. This platform allows users to buy and sell items using bitcoin.

Bitify. Bitify is a marketplace that has cheap items for sale on the marketplace at all times. You can find a lot of different items, from license keys to gift cards and other products.

You need to be careful with marketplaces because a lot of them pop up and disappear. While I am not 100% positive, I can almost guarantee that a lot of the marketplaces that are here today and gone tomorrow are just scams.

Don’t trust your bitcoin or other cryptocurrency on any marketplace that you haven’t properly researched.

I have seen far too many marketplaces disappear in the last year, and the last thing I want is for you to lose your money on a scam.


Future Purchases With Cryptocurrency

If you look online, you’ll find a lot of governments at odds with cryptocurrencies. Since this currency is unregulated, it’s difficult for the government to accept. Every time new regulations are proposed, you’ll find that the cryptocurrency market fluctuates a lot.

But there is one thing that all governments agree on: blockchain technology is going to change the world.

This doesn’t mean that Bitcoin or Ripple are going to change the world, but it means the underlying technology will change the world. When you pay with cryptocurrency, it’s:

– Fast
– Efficient
– Private
– Secure

Now, in the future, the government and big financial institutions will be using blockchain to their advantage. It’s a technology that is complicated to understand, so I am going to give you an example of what may be embedded in a blockchain.

Smart contracts are the wave of the future.

Contracts on paper simply can’t compete with smart contracts that will use blockchain technology.

You’ll be able to use smart contracts to:

– Exchange money
– Purchase property
– Invest in a company for shares

Technically, you’ll be able to use smart contracts for anything. The concept is simple: code embedded in the contract initiates the contract clauses.

For example, say you want to purchase a property. As per the terms of the agreement, when 100% of the money is paid, you’ll receive the keys to the property and the deed or title to the property.

But what happens if you were to pay money, and the owner just decided not to hold up his end of the bargain?

Well, you would need to go to court, bring the contract in front of the court and prepare for a legal battle.

Smart contracts are such that they define:

– Rules
– Penalties

But when your obligations are met, they’re automatically enforced. In the example above, the code would execute automatically, making you owner of the deed. It’s a smart, easy way to enforce contractual obligations.

Maybe not today, and maybe not in the next five years, but soon enough, you’ll see smart contracts being used for all major purchases. These contracts are hard-coded, and they’ll be changing the way that the world’s consumers and businesses operate.

Cryptocurrencies can do everything from helping you pay for your cable or internet bill to travel or buy electronics. Or, you can opt to sell your cryptocurrency for cash and buy anything you want.

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