Kung Fu All Star S2 [Huang Feihong] has launched!

Kung Fu All Star new server S2 [Huang Feihong] has launched ​on​ 11:30am 21st July 2017!

Login and get ready for all the in-game events!

Kung Fu All Star


★Newbie Events:★

  • Special Carnival Event: complete the simple tasks to receive reward!
  • First Deposit Reward: deposit any amount on the first time to get 3 star Master
  • Red Envelope: 30% of Gold spend daily will be save in the envelope, claim it all after 7



★Server 2 [Huang FeiHong] Weekly Events:★

Events Time: 21st July – 27th July 2017

  • 7 Days Login Event: just login everyday to get your gift!
  • Way of The Dragon: 3 star Billy is in the house, get him into your team!
  • Daily Summon Gift: just by summoning is not enough, how about summon and get gift?
  • Daily Gold Spending Gift: while spending your gold, you’ll some other gifts too!
  • Big Promo: item with promotion prices are here!
  • Potion Promo: any chance you can level up faster? Yes you can! Come get some potions with discounted prices!
  • Just Bring It: bring down your enemies, you’ll get the consumable items!
  • Upgrade Special: By upgrading your equipment, you’ll get extra items!
  • New Server Here I Come: Complete the simple task to get more rewards!
  • PVP Special: Fight your enemy in Arena, you’ll never regret with the items you’ll get!


Download Kung Fu All Star now!

GooglePlay – Click HERE.
IOS – Click HERE.


For more information, please visit:
Kung Fu All Star Facebook Fanpage.
Kung Fu All Star Official Site.

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