Kung Fu All Star Weekly Fantastic Event

Weekly Fantastic Event

Event Date: 4th – 10th August 2017

This week special Martial Artist – Nalan Yuanshu!
Get him and upgrade him to 3 star, 4 star and even 5 star!

【Event 1】Deposit Event: Deposit to specific amount to get MA Souls – Nalan Yuanshu!
【Event 2】Gold Spending Event: Take away Nalan Yuanshu & Drunken Hero’s Soul by spending specific amount!
【Event 3】Purchase and Get Gifts: Complete the purchase task, you’ll get extra gifts!
【Event 4】Level Up Special: Use EXP potion to specific amount to get gifts!
【Event 5】Sweep Special: Sweep those dungeon, and get the rewards!
【Event 6】PVP Special: Complete all the PVP mission top get valueble items!
【Event 7】The Big Promo: All the discounted items are here, get it now!
【Event 8】Deposit Lucky Event: Deposit to get Quality 12 Lucky Bag!
【Event 9】Show me the money: Out of silver? No worries, while you spend it you’ll get it back!
【Event 10】Do it for Charity: Donate to your Academy to get more gold and sweep ticket!
【Event 11】Login Bonus: Login everyday to get Chinese Banquest x1, Gold x50!


Single Transaction Event

Event Date: 9th – 10th August 2017

Deposit the specific amount in single transaction, you’ll get reward such as silver, [Elder]Yay’s soul x15!

Kung Fu All Star

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