League of Defenders (守护者联盟) – 15% Rebate + Mi Band to be Won


Promo Period: 16th May – 29th May 2016.

We are having an awesome promotion for all the Defenders out there! During the promotion period, players who top-up with Multi Game Card USD5, USD10, USD30, USD50, and USD100, will enjoy an EXTRA 15% REBATE.

The surprise doesn’t stop here! Each week, the top spending player using Multi Game Card will be rewarded with a Mi Band.

What are you waiting for? Top-up now!

Multi Game Card

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Rebate is rewarded to players who top-up using Multi Game Card only.
  2. Mi Band winner list will be announced via organizer’s official website and Facebook fanpage.


活动时间:5月15日 – 5月29日2016。

我们为玩家准备了一个级棒的促销。活动期间,玩家只需以Multi Game Card USD5,USD10,USD30,USD50,,USD100 充值,就可享有15%返利。

更惊喜的!每个星期,我们将会送出Mi Band给予以Multi Game Card充值最多的玩家。


Multi Game Card


  1. 只有使用Multi Game Card充值的玩家,才可享有15%返利。
  2. 主办单位将会在Facebook 以及官网宣布Mi Band得奖者。


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