League of Tanks 《坦克联盟》- 等你来战!

Say good-bye to endless missions and monsters

Has your passion for mobile games been worn out by repeated missions day after day? Then come experience 2016 Tank MOBA game “League of Tanks”! Real tank battles plus exciting competitions, game is no longer boring.

Creative tank battle, various gameplay awaiting

1V1, 5V5, team fight, base battle, resource war, a wide range of modes give you the pleasant competitive feeling! Summon your friends for the real-time matching Ladder! Enter the game, passionate battles start at any time!

Stop hesitating, experience now!!
Centennial tank, king of land battle;
2016 Best Tank MOBA Game “League of Tanks” is waiting for you!!

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For more information, please visit:
League of Tanks 《坦克联盟》 Official Site.
League of Tanks 《坦克联盟》 Facebook Fanpage.

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