League of Warship—A Pinnacle of Strategy Games

League of Warship is an innovative mobile SLG of naval conquest, a hit of this year!
In game you can enjoy the fire-new fleet battles, unprecedented rebuilding system and creative strategy gameplay, and get immersed in the famous naval battles of WWⅠ and WWⅡ, spy wars, well-known submarines, battle cruisers and aircraft carriers…
The game is like an encyclopedia! League of Warship, the best strategy game you have ever played!

Virtual Naval Warfare, Infinite Tactics!

League of Warship provides military fans with a virtual battlefield. If you still remember the German “Wolf-pack” tactic, or stay feverish about the aerial strangulation between shipboard aircrafts, this game is the one for you! You can practice all historical tactics in League of Warship! Moreover, we have collected more than 200 warships for you, including various submarines, aircraft carriers, battleships and cruise ships. Construct your own fleet with unfettered imagination and practical strategies! With T-shaped gun formation, battleship formation, mothership formation, submarine warfare, etc., create genius naval tactics as a Master Tactician!

Enhance Hard Power With Reformation of Warships!

Find all legendary warships here: Bismarck, Yamato, HMS Queen Elizabeth… All of them own murderous firepower and amazing capabilities but you can make them better! League of Warship allows every warship to strengthen itself without any limit. Reformed warships will possess much higher power based on the promotion of their stats, skill, ammo, radar, engine, etc.

A Naval Encyclopedia, Exclusive for Military Fans!

From Mariana to Coral Sea, from Leyte Gulf to Midway Islands… there are too many classic naval battles reproduced in the game, let alone a perfect comeback of Yorktown, Bismarck, Yamato, Hosho, Essex, Iowa and other famous carriers, battleships and cruisers. Wolf-pack, T-shaped formation, dense air-defense, from which a qualified commander can flexibly and smartly choose for naval warfare! League of Warship, a perfect mobile game of naval battles. Never miss such a good chance to be a strategy expert!

Awake in glory with League of Warship!

For more information, please visit:
League of Warship Facebook Fanpage.
League of Warship Official Forum.

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