Microsoft Xbox One’s New Controller Looks Gorgeous

The Xbox One Elite and Lunar White controller are great examples of Microsoft’s excellent control designs. Add another two gorgeous looking controller and you’ve got a slew of colours to make your controller stand out.

Today, Microsoft announced the Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow under the Special Edition shadow design series for Xbox One Wireless controllers.

Xbox One Shadow Controllers

The announcement came from Major Nelson who gave details on how much it’ll cost and where you can find it. The Copper edition will be available from the Microsoft stores and GameStop while the Dusk Shadow edition will be sold exclusively at the Microsoft stores with a limited run at Best Buy.

Both the controllers will be priced at $69.99 and will include the 3.5mm audio jack to allow usage of any type of headphones. If you’re looking to pick up one, it will be available later this month for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Argentina with the rest of the world to follow suit in April.

Xbox One Dusk Shadow

Dusk Shadow edition


Xbox One and PC owners, how about it? Does the new controller make you want to pick up a new pair?

Source: Major Nelson

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