Minecraft on Wii U?


Nintendo fans, who wished for Minecraft to come to Wii U or 3DS, might see it becoming a reality. Assuming that what the developer Mojang has been teasing turns out to be true. Minecraft is a sandbox construction game that is available on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, iOS, and Android.

Why is it that Minecraft is available on most of the gaming platforms except the Nintendo consoles? One of the reason is because of the technical limitations of the Nintendo 3DS. But nothing can stop this game from coming to the Wii U, which has a touch screen and physical screen controls. Not to mention the new Nintendo NX console that the game can also be released on.

Nintendolife has revealed that Mojang has chosen its words carefully during its interview with MCV where they may have revealed about such a possibility.

“If I had my way, we’d be on everything. We want to continue to be available to all players, and that means being on new platforms because everyone uses something different,” Bui said.

He later clarified on why Nintendo was never a platform for Minecraft.

“…I’ve never heard a reason why we haven’t ended up on Wii U or 3DS. It just hasn’t happened yet,” he added.

This sound promising for Nintendo fans as it could mean that Minecraft will be coming to Nintendo consoles. Besides that, Windows 10 is coming to stores on July 29 where Minecraft is thriving on. Based on the Pocket edition of the game, it seems that Mojang has big long-term plans to allow all gamers to interact with the entire community, regardless of the device they are playing on.

Stay Tuned!

Source: IBTimes

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