Minecraft Update 1.9

Big changes are coming to Minecraft Update 1.9, not counting all of the new content we’ve already seen in early snapshots. And one of the biggest changes to the existing Minecraft client will apparently debut in Minecraft snapshot 15w41a.

For the last several years, Minecraft snapshots have served as the community’s primary means of seeing new Minecraft content before it’s ready for public deployment. When preparing a new update for the game, Mojang tends to release dozens of preview builds. And the road to Minecraft Update 1.9 has been no different, beginning with the late-July debut of Minecraft snapshot 15w31a. But, this is apparently one of those weeks when Mojang doesn’t even want to make people wait for the snapshot.


In a series of tweets, Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten revealed one of the newest features coming to Mojang’s hit sandbox game. And it’s safe to assume the next big addition to Minecraft will have a significant impact on the custom servers and game modes, which have always been the driving force behind the Minecraft hype train. That’s because the power of flight is coming to Survival Mode in the Minecraft Update 1.9.

The power of flight will apparently be bestowed on players with a new set of capes being introduced in Minecraft Update 1.9. The capes will apparently transform when equipped, resembling wings when airborne. However, it’s unclear if those who already have a cape will see similar changes. Bergensten says the new capes won’t be craftable items. Minecraft players will need to hunt down the capes in their favorite worlds. There’s currently no word on where/how exactly you might find one, though.

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Source: Mojang

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