MINT Prepaid Voucher Giveaway!

Promotion period: 27th August to 10th September 2016

Great News!

Purchase any MINT Prepaid Voucher from OffGamers and enter the MINT Prepaid Voucher Giveaway for a chance to be one of the 20 winners to win a $25 USD MINT Prepaid Voucher!

Winners will be randomly selected and will be notified by email.

Hurry! Grab ​it now, don’t miss the chance to win the FREE Code.

MINT Prepaid Card


To all the USD$25 MINT Prepaid Voucher Winners:

OffGamers ID: 3173017 – Miqueias
OffGamers ID: 359772 – Artur
OffGamers ID: 515670 – Enis
OffGamers ID: 3116554 – Seng
OffGamers ID: 982950 – Store
OffGamers ID: 340544 – Jose
OffGamers ID: 2677829 – Lorenzo
OffGamers ID: 373101 – Corey
OffGamers ID: 446419 – Arash
OffGamers ID: 3108909 – Henrik
OffGamers ID: 3175579 – Matt
OffGamers ID: 3178627 – Raimondas
OffGamers ID: 2677832 – Nuno
OffGamers ID: 3109133 – Wenjing
OffGamers ID: 3063943 – Zhe
OffGamers ID: 3175233 – Rhskaar
OffGamers ID: 3111764 – Ekrem
OffGamers ID: 438659 – Ümit
OffGamers ID: 3131972 – Haksrun
OffGamers ID: 3161710 – Dutch


For more information, please visit:
MINT Official Site.

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