Multi Game Card Presents Free Blue-eye Betta and Dragon Nectar III

fantasy chronicle

Promotion ended on 16th August 2016

Multi Game Card is proud to present all Fantasy Chronicle players the Blue-eye Betta Pack, which consists of Blue-eye Betta pet pieces and Dragon Nectar III.

In order to get this pack, players will just have to purchase Multi Game Card USD100 or Multi Game Card USD50.

Multi Game Card (Global) USD 100 Betta Pack Bundle content:
– Multi Game Card (Global) USD100
– Blue-eye Betta Pack x2

Multi Game Card (Global) USD 50 Betta Pack Bundle content:
– Multi Game Card (Global) USD50
– Blue-eye Betta Pack x1

Blue-eye Betta Pack content:
– Blue-eye Betta pet pieces x3
– Dragon Nectar III x3

Terms & Conditions:

1. Promotion dates: 3rd – 16th August 2016.
2. No limit of redemption, players with more than 1 free code can redeem all in same account.
3. Only available with purchase of MGC USD50 or MGC USD100 from OffGamers or Indomog.
4. Free code must be redeemed on before 16 Aug 2016  (23:59 GMT+8)
5. Limited stock, offer while stocks last.

fantasy chronicle


Multi Game Card 荣幸地宣布现在充值《幻想编年史》即送蓝睛斗鱼包,其中包含蓝睛斗鱼宠物碎片以及龙之精华III。

玩家只需购买Multi Game Card USD100 / Multi Game Card USD50,即可获得蓝睛斗鱼包。

Multi Game Card (Global) USD 100 蓝睛斗鱼包包含:
– Multi Game Card (Global) USD100
– 蓝睛斗鱼包 x2

Multi Game Card (Global) USD 50 蓝睛斗鱼包包含:
– Multi Game Card (Global) USD50
– 蓝睛斗鱼包 x1

– 蓝睛斗鱼宠物碎片 x3
– 龙之精华III x3


1. 促销时间:2016年 8月 3日 – 8月 16日
2. 兑换不受限制,同一账户可兑换多个代码。
3. 活动仅限在OffGamers以及Indomog购买MGC USD50 / MGC USD100。
4. 代码仅限2016年8月16日(23:59 GMT+8)前兑换。
5. 数量有限,先到先得。

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