No Man’s Sky: “NMS was a mistake”?

Hey guys!

Some of you may know this, No Man’s Sky has posted a tweet on August 28th.

NMS was a mistake

Not only that, there maybe some issue regarding the developer’s email too, the content is at below.

No Man’s Sky was a mistake.

I have contacted you because the silence from Hello Games has been unwarranted and unprofessional. The community has asked me to speak up, and I have a confession to make. The game was simply unfinished upon arrival. Our hand was forced by not only Sony, but the community as well. The constant harassment and absolute gross misconduct on the community’s part has made it hard to fulfill our artistic vision, while the pressure from Sony to release the game as soon as possible forced us to cut key features. I want to apologize for what we did not deliver on, as the game does not meet up to what our artistic vision was.

However, we do wish that the community was more understanding of our situation. Many people have asked for refunds despite our promise to continually improve and update No Man’s Sky. We are just a small studio that has poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this project. The complete lack of respect when it comes to the work we have done absolutely saddens not only myself, but the team as well. We want to improve the game to the point we dreamed of it being and beyond.

I hope everyone affected understands,

Sean Murray

I suppose @hellogames twitter account and some of the emails had been hacked.

The situation has seem to be under control after @hellogames post this few hours later.

NMS not

Although everything seemed to be hacked, there are also rumours saying there maybe “disgruntled employee” of some sort. Of course this cannot be confirmed.

Have you tried playing No Man’s Sky yet?


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