OffGamers WTFast ‘Tag Your Friend’ Contest

OffGamers WTFast Social Contest

Stand a chance to win 2 x WTFAST One Month Advanced Key with these simple steps:

Contest starts on 22 Feb 12.01am (GMT+8) and ends on 11.59 pm (GMT+8) 28 Feb 2017

WTFast can now be used to monitor a standard internet connect rather than connecting through the GPN.

Step 1. Visit OffGamers Facebook Fanpage – Like & Follow OffGamers

Step 2. Write in comment under the contest post:
OffGamers ID. WTFast – Speed Up Your Game. Tag a friend who could use a better game connection.

Sign Up Now –

Step 3. Now both of you are entering the contest and stand a chance to win 1-month WTFast Advanced keys each.

The lucky winners will be notified via email.  2 x 1-month WTFast Advanced keys will be sent to the winners’ OffGamers registered email address.

Announcement of winners list will be published before 4 March 2017.

Buy WTFast: Click HERE.
To Redeem: Click HERE.

Enhance your online game performance with WTFast!

OffGamers WTFast 点赞留名拿好礼


活动开始于2017年 2月 22日 12.01am (GMT+8),结束于2017年 2月 28日 11.59 pm (GMT+8)


第一步. 访问 OffGamers Facebook粉丝页 – 点赞 & 关注OffGamers

第二步. 在活动页面发布评论:
OffGamers ID. WTFast – 为你的游戏加速!标记一位需要更棒游戏连接的好友。

立即注册 –

第三步. 你们二位都参与了活动,并有机会赢取每人一张WTFast1个月高级会员点卡。






For more information, please visit: OffGamers Facebook Fanpage.

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