oBucks Card Discount Promotion

Promotion Date: 1st April 2015 – 30th April 2015

oBucks Card
​Limited Time Offer ~ Get one now!

oBucks Card $50

oBucks Card $25

oBucks Card $10

The oBucks Card is the easiest way to pay online at over 500+ games including: Wargaming, NetDragon, Cabal Online, Battlestar Galactica, League of Angels, CrossFire, War Thunder, Heroes of Newerth, Gaia Online, and many more.

To verify that oBucks is available on your favorite games, or to pay with an oBucks card:

  1. Go to the checkout of the game
  2. Look for the “Pay with Gift Cards” button (sometimes located under “more options”)


3.  Click on “Pay with Gift Cards” then select “oBucks Card” option and follow the instruction


To learn more visit: http://openbucks.com/overview/

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