Perfect World Inc. Becomes the Game Operation Deputy of Clash of Monsters!

Perfect World Inc. Becomes the Game Operation Deputy of Clash of Monsters!
First Trailer is Released!

Clash of Monsters —first globally recommended SLG masterpiece of 2016 will be released soon!

Recently, Perfect World Inc. has announced to be the exclusive game operation deputy of a masterpiece of SLG ——Clash of Monsters, which got feature place in 133 countries before, in Southeast Asia! And now, the promotional trailer is officially released. Clash of Monsters brings players an experience of “palm-top tribal wars” with vivid American cartoon painting, innovative strategic gameplay, global combat system, and soon becomes one of the world’s most anticipated SLGs.

Individualized gameplay! Extensive choices of heroes and minions!

The Imaginative gameplay and The First Trailer!

In the released promotional trailer, the characteristics such as basic operations, hero customization, and various formations, are demonstrated in detail to the players within only 60 seconds, showing them the fantastic gameplay and animation-like picture.

Perfect World Inc. says that “Palm-Top Tribal Wars” is the core of this game, while other parts like PVP and PVE systems are also worth anticipating. What’s more, players can choose different heroes by preference. In addition to the classic gameplay, the map-exploration system is added, which enhances the game’s flexibility and excitement.

With its high-quality pictures and multidimensional gameplay, Perfect World Inc. is dedicated to bring the hardcore players a sense of achievement and more joy from the strategic wars. This will also allow more players from Southeast Asia to enjoy the enchantment of mobile games.

Resplendent lineup of mighty bosses! Passionate palm-top battlefield!

In-depth Knowledge about Southeast Asia! An Easter Egg of Malayan Tapir is introduced.

Perfect World Inc. has published plenty of popular games in Southeast Asia, hence has an insight of the players’ preference. The tapirs, as the representation of local animals, are also introduced to the game. Many activities will be held under the topic of tapirs, in order to make players get involved in this game, and let them feel the sincerity. Moreover, the highly anticipated new version is under smooth development.

The limited-edition pet about Malayan tapirs attracts all players.

For more information, please visit:
完美世界东南亚独家代理《Clash of Monsters》.
Clash of Monsters Twitter.
Clash of Monsters Facebook Fan Page.
Clash of Monsters Official Site.

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