Perfect World International in STEAM & Elysium Launch

Elysium is the latest expansion for Perfect World International, and one of the coolest features have been introduced to the game is ‘Homestead’, player housing option.

Players at level 90 and above will be given the opportunity to create their very own home using the Homestead system. Each Homestead is instanced and fully customizable allowing you and your friends to come and go as you please.


Click more information relating to Homestead!


They have also open a new dungeon that is claimed to be the hardest yet! The Uncharted Paradise, to participate you will need to be at least level 100 and have reached at least Astral Sky X to enter, and it requires 10 players to complete.


So brace yourself and go for it and give your everything. If you think you have what it takes, take the next step and complete this for greater rewards beyond your wildest dreams.


Events that are taking place to celebrate Elysium launch!

  • Piñata Bosses (4/13 – 4/27) has been released in PWI, attacking one will cause it to drop Giant Festival Coins.
  • Dancing Phoenix (4/14 – 4/27) which at every 21:00 everyday, everyone that is online will getting a token in their inventory and EXP. There is also items for higher levels and re-awaked players.
  • Eternal Love (4/28-5/7) have some special series of login events which can be claim reward from EXP to even flyers.


For more information, check Elysium Celebration!

Perfect World International is now available in STEAM!

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