PlayWebGame has launched its new game Eternal Chaos Online (ECO)!

Dear Players,

We are glad to announce that PlayWebGame has launched its new game Eternal Chaos Online (ECO)!

Eternal Chaos Online (ECO) is a free-to-play quest driven interactive MMORPG browser game rendered 3D scene and character graphics and using a gamer influenced interface for more hands on game play.

Once upon in the Universe, the Evil Demon Army from the 5th-dimension invaded world to steal the most precious resource “Chrono Energy”. Players become Guardians tasked with a mission of uttermost importance: to save the world from the chaotic Demons!

The shattering of the chrono rift resulted in time distortion and the loss of human lives. You will begin your quest through distorted historical eras, which is connecting the heroes in the history of the “City of Time” world like Robin Hood, Li Shimin, King Arthur, Salahuddin, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, and more.

There is 3 kind of Hero that you can choose. Berserker, Assassin, and Mage.

Move your path to the next level or give your body rest by using the AFK system — which allows you to do almost every event inside game. Actually you can boost your power by unlocking many feature inside, like Hocrux, Beast, Mount, Cape, and Artifact system. Dont forget with Cavalry system, it makes you stronger and cool-looking!


Key Features:

– Upgraded 3D engine
– Amazing gameplay with much feature
– Cross server Domination
– VIP System
– AFK System
– Pricing and Availability


Begin the journey of ECO now!

To Enjoy more discount:

Top up ECO using DTU.
Top up ECO using MGC.


For more information, please visit:
Eternal Chaos Online Official Site.

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