Pre-Register for MU Online NEW EXCLUSIVE SERVER!


Your Jewels can turn into Archangel Weapons!

On December, 2017, with Season 12 Part 2 Update, NEW EXCLUSIVE Server will be released!
This time, whole new Sever will arrive!

Pre-Register and top up MU Online today!

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Karma Koin
Karma Koin
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Let’s see all the events going on before the release!

1. Pre-Register for New Server

In Season 12 Part2, Are you ready to join and experience the miracle?
Click ‘Pre-Register’ and experience whole new MU!

[Event Period]: 21/11/2017~05/12/2017 Before Maintenance (UTC)
[Reward Distribution]: 05/12/2017 After Maintenance (UTC)

Rewards ? Please click the banner to check the rewards and pre-register!

**Please Note:
1. You must log in to your account to pre-register.
2. Your email must be verified to participate the event.
(If you don’t have one, just make one! It will take less than a minute!)
3. Rewards will be ONLY available in NEW SERVER.


2. Season 12 Part 2 Update!

Awake your Potential in MU Online!
Are you curious what’s going on in Season 12 Part 2 Update?

Click HERE to check Update Stories!


For more information, please visit:
MU Online Official Site.

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MU Online (Global)

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