Ran World 2018 February Valentine’s Day Event

Greetings, Student Leaders!

How should I convey my feelings to her..

There is a man wearing stylish clothes standing in the MarketPlace and he looks very serious. Seems like he is hesitant and worried about something… Turns out he wants to confess to this girl that he has a crush on but is unable to and is frustrated about it. Since he can’t go and confess by himself.. He said that he will reward those who will do it for him. Would you like to try and be the cupid that only exists in books ?

Ugh, Why there are some annoying people around where she is? In this case, should be okay to just close our case and avoid them. Finally met the girl but seems like she is also hesitant about something. Whether to accept his proposal or not.. I can’t decide for her so I suggest her to let her own honest feelings make the decision. And finally she seems to have made up her mind..!

Event Period: 25th of January 2018, (after server maintenance) ~ 22nd of February 2018, 08:00 [RAN Time]

Event Summary:

1. Talk with the NPC in the MarketPlace to obtain the daily quest, then take the bus to go to the event map.
2. Evade the obstacles in the event map, defeat the mobs, then talk to the NPC in the event map to complete the quest. Receive the answer to obtain the item which can be exchanged with the event rewards.
3. After completing the daily quest and obtaining the event material item in the event map, use the gate to get back to the MarketPlace.
4. Exchange the event material items with the reward that you want from the event NPC in the MarketPlace.

Top up Ran World now!

Game Card (Global)

We hope that you will enjoy the event and have a sweet Valentine’s Day!


For more information, please visit:
Ran World 2018 February Valentine’s Day Event.

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