SMITE: Bonus Rounds and God Reveal

Hey guys!

Introducing the new God, Manticore, the Forgotten Blight

There are also small changes in Items and Gods, for more information, click SMITE Patch 3.5.5


New Arena in the Underworld


A new Bonus Round has added which after each Arena match ends, teams will be taken into the center of Collseum, surrounded by lava and is given a 60 seconds for the final team fight!

Note: Do not touch any Lava or you’ll be trapped in the Underworld

Team that win will be awarded additional Worshippers, as well as their usual match rewards. Winning or losing the Bonus Round will not affect the Arena results.

There are also New Exclusive Underworld Skins available and Weekly Underworld Quest to be completed.


For more information relating to this, click the link below.
Escape from the Underworld

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