Tank Hero iOS

Tank Hero is a rebirth of the Tank game from Combat for the Atari 2600. This game is developed by Clapfoot Inc.

The graphics are not as simple as the single-colored pixel outlines seen in Atari’s version, but instead, Tank Hero uses simple 3D models with shading and some lighting effects and with actual music accompanying the gameplay.

Tank Hero is not made for two players. However, the developers have managed to balance that factor out by, including three game modes and 120 levels spread across two worlds, leaving plenty for single player gaming.

The player will control a single tank and eliminate all other tanks found on relatively nondescript wood and brick battlefields. These battlefields consist of little more than barriers to navigate around in order to get a clear shot. The standard ammunition you’re equipped with borrows from Combat’s ability to bank your shots off the wall in order to hit an opponent and doing so is quite fun. There are other types of munitions available as well, six in total, which include spreading shots, homing shots, and even some which can fire over the arena’s walls to score a hit.

There are also six types of opponents to face, each in different-colored tanks of their own. From the start, a new tank pops up about every five levels or so, making things a little more complicated as players progress through the level. The initial blue tanks aren’t very strong and don’t do much unless you get into their line of sight while the yellow tanks are a little less afraid of hunting you down. Then things get tricky with the red tanks, which not only require a full bombardment to kill, but will also fire over all of the field’s boundaries to kill you, leaving you no time to dawdle.

Like other iPhone games, players will need to complete each level in order to proceed. You can also earn bronze, silver, and gold medals for a particularly well-executed round. Factors in the campaign mode that affects your result includes your level score, accuracy rating, how much health you have, and your kill-rating, which– incidentally– seems like an all-or-nothing score. In Time Trial, time is the key priority, which means you can take hits without penalty, so long as you don’t die and get the best time. The third mode, Survival, pits you against wave after wave of enemies, and gets brutal quickly.

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