TERA Online: You can now Fly~

Flying Mount


How to acquire a Flying Mount

You will need to get your first flying mount involves a level-65 quest, provided by a baraka researcher named Morick, located at the Amadjuak Trading Post, in the Spring Valley zone of Northern Arun. You’ll need to finish his quest to unlock your first flying mount.

While flying mounts can get around just like regular mounts, they can only take flight in certain designated zones. As of now, the only zones where these mounts can fly as of now are:-

  • Velika
  • Val Oriyn
  • Highwatch


High_Watch3      Tera-Online.it-Velika-1

More zones will be added as soon as possible.


How to Fly you may ask~ Very easy, you will need to hit spacebar a few times while moving, and you’ll be flying when your skills vanished and replaced with flight UI (means there won’t be an aerial fight), and like normal movements, [W] to move forward, [A] & [D] to bank left and right and change directions just like your normal ground movement! You can hold spacebar to go higher or [C] to descent and when you descent all the way down, your mount automatically lands.


Sadly, there is a Flight Time!

Flying mounts can run on the ground more or less indefinitely, but their time in the air is limited by their individual stamina.

For more detailed, check Tera Flying Mount

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