The Solus Project

The Solus Project is a single player exploration and survival experience. The adventure is set on a mysterious alien planet.

You crash land on an alien planet, and every member of your crew is dead, while exploring the baron surrounding, you found out you’re not the first intelligent being to have set foot here. You stumble upon megalithic buildings, similar to ancient buildings on Earth, and strangely enough, remains what appear to be human like aliens. Who were They and what brought them out their deaths?

Hey guys!

This game will be release in Early February this year. This game seems pretty interesting and seems like a very fun game to play.

More Pictures to interest you.

ss_8d4cb82f736634e5074704c2c1bb5e5eebb14e8a.1920x1080     ss_503d356c1c28813647ee50fc9e91f70fcd06f892.1920x1080

ss_3115a59833ec755a639adbdad13d33947ba4a335.1920x1080     ss_a0a4c7d1ac1df220726c3023f46348c5fbdb1cb8.1920x1080

ss_a9f8ab5b343ffd25a993952c4bf82e3859c02c86.1920x1080     ss_f19a592953cb9aa3df34895eda66853eacf9c77c.1920x1080

tsp_screen17     tsp_screen21



Pretty interesting right? More information bout the game, click The Solus Project

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