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The Event Continues~

Egg Skull Parade – Part 2


Are you ready for the next Egg Skull Parade event? Now there is a challenge for you all to play your own game and try to beat [G]Kyon’s Score!

Event Overview

Players would need to record their game play to show off their Touch gaming skills by playing the 6★ Skull Song of your choice (anything but PSY – Gangnam Style, any submission for that song won’t be accepted in the submission)

Record your in-game play using 3rd party program such as “Bandicam”, “Fraps”, “X-Split” or anything else that you prefer, then upload it to Youtube and share PUBLICLY your video to facebook.


  • Character have to be at least Level 30 and VIP 2.
  • 1 Character can only submit 1 video.
  • You have to play TOUCH MODE only.
  • All submissions must be video based and uploaded to Youtube with Format; “Touch 3Claws Skull Parade | Artist- Song Title | IGN – Server”
  • Post video link PUBLICLY to your Facebook include your IGN and server to qualify with hashtag #TouchSkullParadePart2 & SHARE IT to Touch 3Claws’ official Facebook group.
  • This event only applies to Touch 3Claws’ server



Beat Kyon’s accuracy (more than 98.22%):-
x50 Any released Eggs of your choice + x1 Wealth Pack

Minimum score A & less than Kyon’s accuracy (below 98.22%):-
x20 Any released Eggs of your choice + x1 Wealth Pack



Wealth Pack


Find your true love here, dance, and Keep in Touch!!

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