Touch International – New 3D K-POP Dance Game


We are proud to announce that the Direct Top-Up method is now available for Touch International-3Claws!

Game Features
Various Dance Mode
Cross Server Battle
Ranking System
Zodiac System
Crafting Fashion
DIY (Do It Yourself) Fashion
Marriage System
Baby System
VIP System

Dance Mode

Touch Mode
Is the standard mode of the game, in this mode the T-Dancer only use the direction arrows (D-Pad) keyboard to play. Touch mode also has several options :
Touch Couple: Dancing in pairs, dance-were conducted in pairs.
Touch Showdown: Mode touch with elimination system.
Touch Team: Mode touch with accumulation team score.

Bubble Mode
An expert mode of this game, in this mode the T-Dancer using the D-Pad and a space (spacebar) to play. Bubble mode also has several options :
Bubble Sport: Mode bubble with the addition of Crazy Time to improve the score significantly, but the movement is more difficult.
Bubble Couple: Mode bubble pairs, dance movement-were performed in pairs.
Bubble Showdown: Mode bubble with elimination system.
Bubble Team: Mode bubble with accumulation team score.

Cross Server Battle Dance

In Touch, you can challenge the other T-Dancer from other servers. This is one of the outstanding features of the Touch as it can be connected between the server at any time without any time particular events. This system will unify T-Dancer from each server without exception.

At game lobby, choose the bottom lobby with a gold color that reads “Cross Server”

Ranking System

T-Dancers can see their personal Rank in Ranking Table is already available in the game.
Ranking also be divided into several types, namely; Fortune, Level, VIP, Popularity, Couple, Guild, and Achievement.

Zodiac System

Start the quest according to your zodiac choice to get the reward (blue & gold star) in each zodiac page.
Most rare items like fashion wing of the zodiac obtained by means of Spin the Wheel using the “gold star”.

Crafting Fashion

Follow the special event quest from game system and get the special ingredients to make their own fashion.
A lot of goods that you can make your own with some pretty rare ingredients. This can make your style different than everyone else.

DIY Fashion & Items “Do It Yourself”

T-Dancer can perform a full modification for each item that you have or will be purchased from the item shop. So even if they buy the same thing with other people, they can make it different to make their own modifications.
DIY mode also allows you to make the character as closely as possible to the original personality and even your face.

Couple & Marriage

Relationship with a good friend, you can start a relationship with your best mate.
Your relationship can be very serious with marriage and continue to be a married couple.
Many advantages are gained by being a partner :
Can have babies that can be cared for and raised and will accompany dancing.
– Children can use their own fashion
– Can send gift items to your spouse
– Running a Couple Event

Baby System

By doing weddings, then you can have a cute baby. The baby will be wearing fashion like a character itself.

VIP System

Your VIP level will continue to rise as the Top Up is done to the ID of each.
The bigger the VIP level, the more benefits will be obtained
Some of the advantages of being a VIP among others :
– Increase the EXP bonus
– Increase the Bonus Credits
– Decrease “Miss”Penalty
– Can change the color of text
– VIP Logo

For more information, please visit: Touch International Official Site.

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