Tricks and Tips for Xbox One

According to Techradar, they manage to discover 25 tips and tricks for Xbox One. OFFGAMERS would like to share with you the first five!

1. Take Screenshots

xbox one screenshot-650-80

When in-game, simply double-tap the Xbox button on your control pad and then press Y to take the screenshot. Or, if you’ve got Kinect plugged in, you can simply say “Xbox, take screenshot” though that’s a little too imprecise for something that needs to be timed perfectly like a screenshot.

2. Speed Up Game installation


Actually you are able to speed up game installation by disconnecting from Xbox Live (either remove the Ethernet cable from the console for wired connections or choose disconnect from Xbox Live under the console’s Network settings), running the installation as normal and then re-establishing your connection again afterwards.

3. Free Games on Xbox


There is no such thing as a free lunch is this world, but Project Spark provide Xbox users an open beta version to download. It’s free, players do not need to have a gold Xbox account for it..How cool is this?

4. Disable disc autoplay


Xbox users can disable auto-play by going to Settings > Disc & Blu-ray – and unchecking the boxes that read ‘Play Disc Automatically’ or ‘Resume Playback’.

5.Smart phone becomes a remote control


Download the free SmartGlass app for Xbox One.With this app, your phone will become a remote control for the Xbox One, one that lets Xbox users to navigate the console’s Internet Explorer app as you can pinch, zoom and click on links far more easily than you can with a controller. The SmartGlass app also offers up extra content for some apps and games, and you can use it to check on your Achievement progress when you’re away from your console.

Read More: Tech Radar

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