Ace Racer

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Ace Racer Game Features

Are you ready for the ultimate racing experience? Ace Racer offers an exhilarating gameplay with its outstanding features:

Unique Ultimates

Each vehicle in Ace Racer comes with its own special ultimate skill. Perform gravity-defying manoeuvres, transform your vehicle on the fly, and drift at high speeds. Unleash your skills and dominate the race!

Captivating Tracks

Race on multiple stunning tracks located around the world. From Los Angeles to Shanghai, Tokyo to Nevada, and California to other famous tourist attractions, experience breathtaking scenery as you speed towards the finish line.

Iconic Collections

Enhance your garage with a wide range of iconic cars. Drive legendary vehicles from renowned manufacturers like Porsche and Nissan, along with custom creations. Choose from over 100 authorised vehicles from 25 well-known car brands and make each ride your own.

Customization Options

Personalise your vehicles with custom paint, decals, rims, lights, and even licence plates. Create a unique look that reflects your style and stand out from the competition!

Fast-Paced Action

Ace Racer delivers fast-paced and thrilling races. With one-minute rounds, every second counts as you dig, drift, drag, and drive your way to victory. Feel the adrenaline rush as you compete for the top spot.

Cooperative Gameplay

Team up with friends and participate in exciting 3v3 matches. Take on different roles, such as the Speedster, and collaborate to outmanoeuvre your opponents. Experience the thrill of cooperative racing and enjoy the camaraderie of teamwork.

Get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of Ace Racer. With its unique ultimates, captivating tracks, iconic collections, customization options, fast-paced action, and cooperative gameplay, this game is a must-play for all racing enthusiasts. Start your engines and embark on an unforgettable racing adventure!