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Afreeca TV Gift Card

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Afreeca TV Gift Card
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About Afreeca TV Gift Card

AfreecaTV is a LIVE streaming interactive platform that connects you with the world and your surroundings.

◆ Summary

Watch a variety of LIVE contents such as Mukbang, K-pop and eSports from your device!

Share your talents and hobbies, whether it’s gaming or late-night meal mukbang.

AfreecaTV made LIVE stream easier than ever before.

Chat with your favorite streamer as you watch pro gamers compete, from Afreeca Freecs on League of Legends to GSL and ASL.

You’re not interested in games? Watch other people’s talents and stream your hobbies.

On AfreecaTV, you can easily stream on your PC and mobile devices.

◆ Something for Everyone

We made your search easier! AfreecaTV has variety of LIVE streams and VODs.

If you already have your favorite streamer, watch their LIVE, VODs and highlighted clips.