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Afreeca TV Gift Card

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Buy the AfreecaTV Gift Card at OffGamers to support your favourite content creators! By visiting our digital store, you can find navigation to be user-friendly, with cheap prices, instant delivery, around-the-clock service, and regular discount sales to top it all off!

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Afreeca TV Gift Card
Afreeca TV Gift Card (KR)
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AfreecaTV Gift Card for Korea

Support your favourite content creators on AfreecaTV with the AfreecaTV Gift Card from OffGamers! This code can be redeemed for your AfreecaTV account for Star Balloons, which you can then donate to your content creator of choice as a way to express further support or thanks to them. When using this gift card, you don’t need to use credit or online payments, making it also one of the most convenient ways to donate at Afreeca TV.

Enjoy cheap prices, instant delivery, and secure payment processing when you buy your AfreecaTV Gift Card at our store today!

About AfreecaTV

OffGamers AfreecaTV Voucher
AfreecaTV is one of the oldest and most popular video streaming platforms in South Korea, where users can share and post a wide variety of video content for viewers, ranging from gaming videos, song and dance videos, performances, daily-life vlogs, and more. Users can view these pieces of video content and support their favourite users with subscriptions and donations in the form of Star Balloons.

One of AfreecaTV's most popular categories relates to esports video streams and stream VODs, where users can view some of the best players from South Korea in several popular games, like League of Legends and other competitive titles. Broadcasts of ongoing tournament leagues in Korea are also available for avid followers of pro esports matches. Of course, other video categories such as vlogs and performances are popular on AfreecaTV, and garner much attention from avid fans.

Check out AfreecaTV today and discover your new favourite content creator on their platform!

OffGamers Payment Options for AfreecaTV Gift Card Korea

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Frequently Asked Questions about AfreecaTV Gift Card in Korea

How to redeem AfreecaTV Gift Card?

1. After logging in, click on your user ID at the top right corner of the homepage.
2. Go to ‘My Star Balloons’ from the drop-down menu.
3. Select the ‘Gift Certificate’ button.
4. Enter your gift card details and confirm.

Will the gift card expire?

The gift card does not have a definite expiration date, but we still heavily recommend that you redeem it as early as possible to prevent any issues, or in case you forget about it.

Why is my gift card not working?

If your gift card isn’t working, double check for any typos when providing your gift card code and password, or check if your internet connection is unstable. Re-enter your code carefully after waiting for a few minutes, or contact customer service for assistance.