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Toolboy Steam Key (Global)
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Toolboy Steam Key

Toolboy is a 2D puzzle platformer depicting the story of a repair robot whose task it is to work overtime on the weekend and perform some repairs in one of his organisation’s corporate buildings. While he’s on the clock however, he discovers a sinister plot involving his corporate managers, and must now make his escape before he’s turned into scrap metal.

While the game is available on multiple platforms, one of the best ways you can play it is on the Steam platform on PC. Buy a Toolboy Steam Key at OffGamers and go straight into your gaming sessions with an easy code redemption process and no hidden charges.

4 Best Toolboy Superpowers

With inspiration from the classics of platforming like Rayman, Mario, and Rochard, Toolboy is a new spin on the puzzle platformer genre while retaining much of what makes these games exciting in the first place. Aside from the staple side-scrolling 2D platforming gameplay, the game lets you interact with and solve puzzles in the world with four unique superpowers that a player can use to maximise their platform traversal execution.

Remote Control
- Allows you to remotely control objects and create advantageous platform flows.

Cube Transformation
- Toolboy transforms himself into a cube, allowing for stealthy approaches to level sections.

- As the title suggests, this lets the player run through levels at higher speeds, making traversal both easier and faster.

Magnetic Walk
- A particularly versatile traversal option that lets the player manipulate large objects and use them as climbing and jumping surfaces.

Platformers commonly allow the player to express their creativity in how they approach the puzzles set by the creators, and Toolboy gives the player flexible methods to interact with the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Toolboy Steam Key

How to redeem Toolboy Steam Key?

To redeem your Steam Key, log into your account on the Steam app and do the following:
1. Go to ‘Games’ > ‘Activate a Product on Steam’ and proceed through the confirmation pages.
2. Type out your Steam Code in the provided blank and confirm.
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What are the system requirements for Toolboy?

Operating System: Windows x32 / x64 platform
Processor: Minimum AMD FX 4300 / Intel Core i3 2130
Memory: 4 GB RAM Minimum
Graphics: AMD HD7750 / NVidia GTX 650Ti
DirectX 11
Storage: 1.3 GB Minimum