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AstroPay Voucher
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Discover the power of convenience with AstroPay vouchers, your key to hassle-free online transactions.

AstroPay voucher is your virtual prepaid pass, offering a secure and private way to shop on your favorite merchant websites. You can confidently browse and buy from your favorite merchants, knowing your sensitive information stays under wraps.

Available in various denominations, AstroPay vouchers cater to your specific needs. Each AstroPay voucher has a unique 16-digit code and a generous one-year expiry date from the date of issue. This code is your ticket to secure online purchases. No personal data, no financial details, just a seamless shopping experience.

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OffGamers offer a selection of affordable AstroPay vouchers that cater to all budgets and preferences. At OffGamers, our mission is to make your digital adventure run smoothly and quickly. How do we do it? First of all, we're all about clear pricing. What you see is exactly what you pay. No sneaky surprises, no hidden fees, it's all about building trust, one brick at a time.

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How to Use AstroPay Voucher

Here's how to use an AstroPay voucher for your online purchases:

1. Find a website that accepts AstroPay.
2. Browse the website and add the items you want to buy to your shopping cart.
3. When you're ready to pay for your items, click on the checkout or payment option.
4. Look for the payment options and select AstroPay as your preferred method.
5. Enter your AstroPay voucher code.
6. After entering the code, the website will validate it.
7. Once the code is validated, the transaction amount will be deducted from your voucher's balance.
8. Confirm the payment, and you're all set!

Enjoy your online shopping with AstroPay voucher!

About AstroPay

AstroPay isn't just a payment solution, it's like a reliable friend in the world of online transactions. Since 2009, AstroPay provides a secure and convenient way for making purchases, sending funds, or doing your online banking.

Think of AstroPay's virtual cards as your trusty sidekick. They're accepted all over the world by merchants and even online casinos, making sure your payments are smooth and your financial info stays safe.

Available in over 150 countries, AstroPay connects you with businesses all around, making cross-border transactions feel like a breeze and giving you access to tons of digital services.
This product is not available for the following regions: Norway, Albania, Burkina Faso, Gibraltar, Jordan, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Panama, Philippines, Senegal, Uganda, Japan