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Top 5 Hardest Enemies & How to Defeat Them in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart offers players plenty of ways to approach the game, and in equal measure, plenty of enemies that prove a challenge to anyone, be it a veteran of the genre or a beginner. While it can be frustrating at times to get stuck on these fights, their difficulty also gives way to immense satisfaction once you’ve beaten them, and these tips should help with some of the most difficult encounters in the game.

- Plyusch: this enemy is incredibly aggressive and can easily catch players off-guard with its erratic attack patterns, but it still shares the weaknesses of other mutants, namely ranged attacks with fire damage.
- Belyash: since this enemy is fast and difficult to catch, it's advised to constantly apply Volt to slow it down as much as possible. It also possesses resistances to fire, ice, and energy weapons, so the best way to tackle Belyash is with explosive weapons while aiming for its head.
- Natasha: with its intimidating size, Natasha initially looks like a rough fight, but due to that, her attacks are noticeably slower than most bosses and are less difficult to deal with. You'll still need to mind your positioning and distance for her more powerful attacks though.
- Dewdrop: this boss is resistant to pretty much everything except explosive damage, so that'll be a good starting point, while constantly aiming for its eye. In its second phase, it will begin lashing you with tentacles, but the beached whale in the environment will give you enough cover to work with.
- The Twins: these two are the ultimate challenge of the game, requiring you to pay attention to two entities at the same time. While they're fast, they also expose themselves for a brief moment while charging attacks, which is your perfect window to deal damage. Patience is key to punishing these windows, as one mistake can easily send you to your death.

Most players have unique approaches to these encounters, so if you find that you’re still struggling with some of these, it’s never a bad idea to seek help from guides or message groups like the Atomic Heart Discord server.