Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart Steam Key for Indonesia

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Discover Mysteries and Exploration in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is a retro futuristic FPS shooter that places players in the shoes of P-3 as he explores a robotic facility where the automatons have gone rogue and threaten to destroy the peace of an alternative history’s Soviet Union in Russia. The game takes place throughout plenty of facilities in the main setting of Facility 3826, and holds many mysteries regarding the robotic revolution and the machinations of Doctor Sechenov for you to explore.

The environment also holds plenty of wonders that can excite the imagination of any explorer or mystery-solver, such as:
- The Kollektiv Statue in the Kollektiv Complex, which depicts a man and woman holding up a device that collects to the titular neural network, which symbolises the hope of bringing mankind into one hive mind.
- The 8 Testing Grounds, which all depict various scenarios that the Soviet Union might have faced, along with puzzles and items that are sure to help any player in their continued effort to survive the game’s scenario.
- The Museum, situated just behind the Arena, provides players with a veritable trove of displays to marvel at, further fleshing out the setting of Atomic Heart.

Of course, there are plenty of other areas for you to discover in Atomic Heart, and whether you stumble upon them by chance or with help from another player from the Atomic Heart Discord server, visiting these spots are nevertheless breathtaking and intriguing.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Atomic Heart Steam Key (Indonesia)

How do I use my Atomic Heart Steam Key?

1. Log into your Steam account and go to ‘Games’ > ‘Activate a Product on Steam’.
2. Enter your code.
3. Click ‘Confirm’ and follow the onscreen instructions.
4. You can then install the Atomic Heart game to your device.

Where can I buy an Atomic Heart Steam Key?

You can buy Steam Keys for games like Atomic Heart at OffGamers, where we sell several gaming items like pins and game keys at cheap prices and several denominations, so you can always have plenty of choices for your budget.

Our store also offers special discounts on dates like New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, and other celebrations throughout the year, so make sure to visit us regularly and don’t miss out!

What is the age rating for Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart is rated 18 by PEGI for extreme violence, which means it’s recommended to be played by adults, or with adult discretion.