Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart Game Key
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Atomic Heart Steam Key for Malaysia

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Discover Atomic Heart Gameplay Mechanics

Set in a fictional retelling of the 1955 Soviet Union where humanity has progressed to the point of living with various robots, Atomic Heart is a heart-pounding thriller of a game that tests both your mettle and skills as you fight through a fallen utopia.

To accentuate the intriguing and engaging plot, Atomic Heart fills its hours with experiences born from its intricate gameplay mechanics, which include:
- First-Person Shooter Elements: the core gameplay of Atomic Heart is centred around the FPS genre, but with significant and unique spins on it. Aside from firearms, you're also equipped with other weapons such as your glove and melee weapons, giving you varied responses and possibilities in enemy encounters.
- Action RPG Mechanics: in Atomic Heart, you're not limited to just your current equipment as well. You're incentivised to explore the world and build up your equipment via upgrades and new skills, greatly differentiating what you've started with versus what you'd have created at the end.
- Puzzle Solving and Platforming: outside of the action packed fights across the game, you'll also be encouraged and required to solve multiple puzzles, from simple logic puzzles to environmental puzzles and many more. These provide fresh breaks between fights, and jog the player's mind as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Atomic Heart Steam Key (Malaysia)

How to redeem Atomic Heart Steam Key?

In the Steam client, click ‘Games’ > ‘Activate a Product on Steam’.
Enter your code in the provided blank.
Click ‘Confirm’ and continue through the onscreen prompts.

Will Atomic Heart have modding support?

Yes, Atomic Heart has support for a variety of mods, from gameplay additions and new content to game system adjustments like custom field of view and manual difficulty settings. If you’re interested in modding, it’s best to reach out to a community dedicated to the game through online places like the Atomic Heart Discord server or Atomic Heart Steam community.

Where can I buy Atomic Heart Game Key?

You can buy game keys such as the Atomic Heart Steam Key at OffGamers, where we offer a variety of gaming items like keys and pins at cheap prices and flexible denominations, so you can shop without worrying about your budget.

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