Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart Game Key
Atomic Heart Steam Key (Thailand)
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Atomic Heart Steam Key for Thailand

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Guide to Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart

The Testing Grounds are small bunker facilities scattered throughout the open world of Atomic Heart, which you can investigate and solve puzzles in to unlock new weapon blueprints. There are 8 in total, with varying difficulties and primary threats.

A large section of the Testing Grounds involve environmental and platforming puzzles, favouring puzzle-solving skills over combat readiness in these sections of the game. Most of the facilities employ simple hackable doors and interactable environments that prioritise the use of Shok abilities to move them.

The further you get into the list, the Testing Grounds quickly turn into platforming challenges laced with enemy encounters that can easily impede or outright reset your progress, necessitating quick situational awareness and precise navigation to unlock your loot.

Speaking of loot, each Testing Ground carries three Lootyagins, each of which drop weapon blueprints in Bronze, Silver, and Gold rarity respectively. Players are incentivised to explore and figure out the puzzles in these Testing Grounds if they need to expand their arsenal of weapons, which prove to be vital in later stages of the game.

Most players could find themselves struggling in certain areas of these Testing Grounds, so if you’re feeling a bit lost, it’s best to ask for help through video guides or forums like the Atomic Heart Discord server.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Atomic Heart Steam Key (Thailand)

What are the steps to activate my Atomic Heart Steam Key?

1. Log into Steam and click ‘Games’.
2. Select ‘Activate a Product on Steam’ and type in your Atomic Heart Steam code.
3. Continue through the onscreen instructions.

What is the combat like in Atomic Heart?

The combat of Atomic Heart is a mix of first-person shooting and melee combat, involving your primary weapon as well as your power glove and a range of abilities that range from freezing opponents to levitating them in the air. You can freely mix and match these gameplay elements to create your own unique style as well.

Is there character progression in Atomic Heart?

Yes, your character can be upgraded through unlocking skills in several skill trees, each providing a myriad of passive and active skills that define your character’s capabilities and specialties.