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Top Up AU2 Mobile for Indonesia

Get into the great world of socialising and dancing on AU2 Mobile with AU2 Mobile Top Up from OffGamers! Purchase more diamonds for your account and spice up your experience at AU2 with better in-game items, costumes, and more!

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About AU2 Mobile

Beli AU2 Mobile Top Up di OffGamers

AU2 Mobile is a popular club dancing game on mobile where you get to play as an idol that you can customise into your ideal performer, packed with features that both make dancing enjoyable and socialising a fun experience. Developed in the 3D Unity engine and constantly updated with better game systems and songs, you’ll never have a dull time dancing with fellow idols in AU2 Mobile.

AU2 Mobile Game Features

Finding a Partner

Beyond socialising and playing with friends, AU2 Mobile lets you form a couple with a special someone, with features such as the Love Diary and Marriage to further immerse you in the partnered lifestyle.

You can also obtain an Elf pet that can further make your game experience at AU2 Mobile more fun, whether you’re dancing with them or just interacting casually.

Great Customisation

Your character can be customised with the hottest fashion from AU2 Mobile’s Mall, whether you want to follow the latest fashion trends or create your own style.

Game Modes and Music

With a massive list of authorised musical hits and several game modes like the classic Trail Mode, you’re never going to feel a dull second on AU2 Mobile.

Idol Trainee

With the newly implemented Idol Trainee mode, you can gather a group of friends to create an idol group, and dance with them to enter contests in AU2 Mobile.

OffGamers Payment Options for AU2 Mobile Top Up Indonesia

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Frequently Asked Questions about AU2 Mobile Top Up Indonesia

How to top up AU2 Diamonds?

Select your product and the amount of currency you’d like to top up for your account.
At checkout, provide your own account’s player ID and complete your transaction.
Once your payment is processed, your AU2 Mobile Top Up process is complete.

Where to top up AU2 Mobile?

You can get AU2 Mobile Top Up and other game top up services from OffGamers, with our convenient direct top up service and with cheap prices. Our products and other services are also available at discounts during certain occasions such as Black Friday and Lunar New Year, so make sure you check back on us regularly!

How to find AU2 player ID?

In the game, tap your profile icon at the top left corner of the screen. You will then see your player ID below your profile picture. This ID can be used when you purchase Diamonds via AU2 Mobile Top Up at our store.

How to play AU2 Mobile game?

You can play AU2 Mobile on your phone by downloading the app from your respective device’s app store, whether it’s the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices. After installing the game and opening the app, you can proceed to start playing by creating your character and going through the tutorial, which will teach you how to play AU2 Mobile.
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