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GI Crystals Direct Topup
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Buy GI Crystals Direct Top Up

Experience the boundless wonders of GI Crystals Direct Top Up from OffGamers which grants you extraordinary advantages.

GI CrystalsDirect Top Up is a service for adding Genesis Crystals to your account. Having this in-game currency will put you in the front seat of an amazing GI Crystals journey! Imagine you pull on that standard banner, hoping for a coveted 5-star character. Your heart races as the animation unfolds, and when the 5-star character emerges, it's a rush of pure joy and surprise. The sense of achievement that comes with acquiring such a valuable character is simply unmatched.

With your abundance of Genesis Crystals, you can instantly acquire character experience materials and enhancement ores. Your collection boasts a dazzling array of 5-star characters and top-tier weapons. Let your characters grow stronger as their stats skyrocket is truly exhilarating.

Moreover, using your Genesis Crystals for Resin refills, you feel invincible, with boundless energy to explore, conquer, and reap the rewards without waiting. Prepare for a marathon gaming session as you dive into domains, challenge bosses, and partake in events.

Get your Genesis Crystals now on OffGamers and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Here you will find the finest deals:
- 60 Genesis Crystals.
- 300 + 30 Genesis Crystals.
- 980 + 110 Genesis Crystals.
- 1,980 + 260 Genesis Crystals.
- 3,280 + 600 Genesis Crystals.
- 6,480 + 1,600 Genesis Crystals.
- Blessing of the Welkin Moon.

So, what are you waiting for? Your destiny awaits!

Why You Should Buy GI Crystals Direct Top Up on OffGamers

Make your GI Crystals experience easier with GI Crystals Direct Top Up, available through OffGamers.

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How to See Your GI Crystals Account ID

To find your GI Crystals ID in the game:
1. Look in the bottom right corner under your active character's Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.
2. Check the Paimon Menu.
3. View your player profile.
Your ID consists of 9 numbers and is unique to your own.

About GI Crystals

GI Crystals is an expansive open-world action role-playing game. Its vast world comprises seven distinct regions, each rich with unique cultures and environments, inviting players to freely explore, complete quests, battle foes, and unravel puzzles. At the core of GI Crystals lies a dynamic combat system built upon elemental interactions. Combining various elements leads to potent attacks and reactions. The game boasts a diverse cast of playable characters, each with their distinct abilities and playstyles, encouraging players to form versatile teams capable of conquering any challenge.

Important Note

- Before you buy the Genesis Crystals from OffGamers, please ensure that the information that you are about to insert is correct to prevent potential delays.
- If users have inserted any wrong information that may have resulted in the product being invalid, no refunds or compensation will be provided by OffGamers.
- To find your UID, login to your account in the application. Click on the profile button at the top left corner. You will find your UID under your avatar.