Age Of Kungfu (PH) – Fortune Pack OffGamers Exclusive Promotion

Event Date: Event ended on May 15, 2015

Purchase this limited edition pack during the event period on OffGamers and get a chance to receive extra rewards!

Age Of Kungfu

Special Offer:
Fortune pack = 880 Cubits
Note: First come first served basis.

Fortune Pack contains the following items:

1. Fire Washing Platform ×2pcs

2. Hunyuan Tendon-changing Pill ×20pcs

3. Bai XiaoSheng’s Weapon Manual (Superior) Bound ×10pcs

4. Mount Tianshan Snow Lotus ×5pcs

5. Jianghu VIP 30 Days ×1pc

Stand a chance to claim EXTRA REWARDS below while you redeem the code :

300 Gold
250 Gold
JinLing Pig-Iron Chopping Block
Jinling Exquisite Loom
Circle The Moon Thrice (1)
Flying Horse Basic (1)
Dragon Claw (Ancient Manual) Scroll Fragment
Dog Beating Staff Technique (Ancient Manual) Scroll Fragment
Taoist Divination (EXPERT)
Unexpected Skill scroll Fragment

Note : Extra rewards will be randomly given to players during the redemption of the code. (0-3 rewards)(Maximum 3 rewards)


– Age of Kungfu team has the right to change the mechanics, rules and prizes without prior notice.
– Late participation on the event is not allowed and will not be included as event participants.
– By joining this event, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions given by the organizer.

For more information, please visit: Age Of Kungfu Official Site.

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Age Of Kungfu (PH)

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