ALAX AIA Token (Global) – Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

USD10 AIA Token Lucky Winners List

Congratulations to all winners!

Gordon – OffGamers ID: 5369922

Bayman – OffGamers ID: 808346

Stacker – OffGamers ID: 5369873

Michael – OffGamers ID: 142433

Tan – OffGamers ID: 5369957

Jeffrey – OffGamers ID: 234611

Nasal – OffGamers ID: 665375

Cheng – OffGamers ID: 163115

Steve – OffGamers ID: 351457

Jeni – OffGamers ID: 562578

Eleno – OffGamers ID: 401499

Rosie – OffGamers ID: 426276

Rainy – OffGamers ID: 625778

Jenifer – OffGamers ID: 881177

Ronald – OffGamers ID: 324469


Promo period: 22 Nov 2019 11:59 am (GMT+8) ~ 6 December 2019 11:59 am (GMT +8)

OffGamers and ALAX are giving away $10USD AIA Token for the first 15 customers who purchase AIA Token during the promo! Be fast and get the prize this Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

How to win the prize:

Be among the first 15 people to buy any amount of AIA Token through OffGamers and win $10USD worth of AIA voucher! Prizes will be sent to the winners through the registered OffGamers email address by 23 December 2019 at the latest.

Also, stand a chance to win OffGamers Gift Card worth of $20USD or Apple Products as if checking out using PAYPAL with a minimum purchase of $50USD.


Be one of the lucky winners! Use PAYPAL to purchase AIA Token at OffGamers today!



Redemption flow:

1. AIA Token voucher code can be redeemed any time by clicking on the “Top Up” button either in ALAX Store or ALAX Pay Apps, select “Input PIN code to top up” options, enter the pin code and DONE.

2. Redemption / Top-up Guide: Click Here.


For more information, please visit:
ALAX Official Site.

Related Link:
ALAX AIA Token (Global)

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